google voice google fi and international travel

is there a fi forum? i couldn’t find it. 🙁

hi. corona permitting, i’ll be leaving the US again indefinitely. i have a new samsung coming that i bought through google fi. it may have dual sim (the website was unclear). i want to continue to receive messages and calls to my main number so i am considering porting from tmobile to google voice. however, i do already have a different google voice number that i’ve had for years. i checked and that GV number is linked to my primary (tmobile) number and primary gmail address.

i haven’t used fi in years. it failed me the first time. and i don’t know how google voice and google fi work together. moving forward, should i use fi with my old GV number and get airolo or a physical SIM for travel with my soon to be ported to GV primary number? or should i port my tmobile number to google voice and use google voice with or without fi on the new device? i am a bit reluctant to fi because i’ve read they will kick you off if you primarily use it outside the US. considering that, should i be porting that number to ultra mobile instead?? heck this is confusing.

thank you!!

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