Google’s apps keeps being reinfected with different Malware


I have now been dealing with a hack attack on my household (All the IoT connected to my wifi) the last 5 months, where I had to get help from a guy who is considered among the top 6 ethical hacker / Malware remowal humans in the world.

He connected to my laptop and cleaned my household and locked everything down for the general hacker abilities.

But my phone, a samsung s20 5g Ultra, keeps getting reinfected with different malware, but mainly trojan.dropper and trojan.banker.

I managed to get it clean, but the google partner setup app keeps getting reinfected. Now it has spread amongst the google apps since my google maps app have got a spynote infection. Deleted it, but still there when rebooting my phone.

The superhuman/malware removal guy connected with me and got a friend of him, one of the best hackers to ever do it, to take a look and see what to do. They said smash the phone as soon as possible since it’s not any hope left, and get it far away from my other electronic things that where connected to the internet, since they ment it could infect anything within a Bluetooths reach.

And if I where to have it at home, I should build a metal box and throw it inside since they since they both where convinced it was infectious even turned off.

So are there any hope? Anyone?

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