Goophone iphone 12 Pro Max No Mobile Data

Hello, I have a Goophone Iphone 12 Pro Max, its factory unlocked and I have inserted my Vodafone pay as you go UK Sim card and my calls and texts are working, but not the mobile data, the Wifi is working and im switching off the Wifi, turning on the mobile data, but it will not display a web page, its an android 6 with 2GB Ram and 16GB storage, I have spoken to Vodafone tech support and entered the VPN settings manually that they told me for mobile data and picture messaging, but it still will not work, Vodafone said they would call back after looking into it, but as yet they have not, Im just wondering if anyone has experience of these Goophones and APN settings or other settings causing this problem?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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