Got royally scored! Boght a “new never used unlocked Note 20 128gig” from someone on ebay but when I

Contently I have the phone in recoy/bootlegger mode just so it stops restarting after I turn it off. The phone is also an att phone & I have TMobile. I could really use some help here bought this cuz I dropped my favorite phone my note 9 underneath the paving mashine @ work, (I’m a Local 22 Foreman). But back to the topic what if anything I can do to fix this do I have a good working phone? Unlock? Something in recovery/Bootlegger mode? Root it? At this point I don’t care, I’ll do whatever I have to do to get it working. I’m using my good old trusty note 5 at the moment & yes it’s the 128gig model that I had to special order about 5 years ago lol. My note 9 I paid almost $1,300 at Best buy with taxes around 2 years ago for the 512 gig version. Any help suggestions or any information to help me fix this will be greatly appreciated and all compensated that’s my word. -Stephen. Oh & btw I tried putting it into developer mode & it says it did it but when I look for it it’s not there.

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