Green Dot at odd times

Pixel 6 Pro. I am noticing that the green dot is on at inappropriate times. I first noticed this while watching a spotify podcast, then when making a phonecall, and this morning when the alarm was going off. The light went out as soon as I snoozed the alarm. If it indicates either camera or mic then I can understand the phone but why would the camera or mic come on every time the alarm goes off? If it only indicates the camera the WTF.

Secondly, is there a way to see which app is accessing the camera or mic while this light is on and whether the app is accessing the camera, mic or both?

Part of me is getting very suspicious of the phone while another part wonders what other phones have been accessing without my knowledge.

Why can’t we select which apps can access the camera and mic and which ones can’t. I looked at the alarm app and it says no permissions given so how does it access either and again, why?

Has anyone else noticed this?


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