Green Screen

Twenty one month old Note 9, 6 GB/128 GB variant, sim-free.
Had fair share of issues lately, latest is the apparently rather widespread dreaded green screen tint issue.
Would seem software related to me. Phones display can go back to normal fleetingly, sometimes maybe even for a good few minutes of use. No rhyme or reason as to why or when though.
Took it to Samsung Service, they said I’d need to change the screen.
Consistent folk if nothing else- with them, everything is ALWAYS hardware related!
Anyhew, trying not to exercise that option even though the phone is still under warranty.
Not holding out much hope, but any less invasive known fix to be had?
Tried everything short of a Factory Reset (they are a proper pain). Could this be the answer though?
At my wits end.
Frankly, Samsung’s lost my vote of confidence. The Note has gone from "the best phone I’ve ever owned" status to a "Think I made a colossal mistake, I’m never doing Samsung again!" headache.
Please help!!?

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