Green Tint?

Last night was the first night I stayed up in bed with all lights off and was web browsing on my 5A. I noticed that certain dark gray backgrounds have a slight greenish tint on the display, this is both with and without night light enabled. I currently have dark mode enabled on the device and this greenish tint does not appear on the pull down notification shade nor on the app drawer as these are truly black backgrounds.

I’ve read about some users having this occur not only on the 5A but on the 5 and 4XL. Is this just something to expect on OLED displays and not something that could be fixed with software?

In my case it doesn’t seem severe but I have seen other people post images where it’s really obvious. Additionally, the top of the display does seem to have some light bleed but again this is only noticeable on dark backgrounds at night.

I’m not sure if this is something worth RMA’ing the device for as everything else works fine and in the daylight there’s no issues but at the same time, you kind of pay a certain price for something and expect it to work well. I had the 4A prior to this phone and didn’t encounter this at night so I’m not sure what to think of this.

Any current owners of the Pixel 5A or any other smartphone users experience this issue?

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