Hacked using Android and Google software and apps.

1 Year ago, the emails I used for 15+ years were hack. And so was my phone. I have since been through 8 different carriers, 22 different phones, including both Android and apple iOS.
Every provider agrees to replace the phones, without solving the issues. Sorry so long but I’ll keep this as brief as possible and stick to the current issues, and some of the "symptoms" with my current phone.
First of all, my phone says that I am running a custom version of chrome.
2ndly, I have deleted apps and users use all of my gigs every month.(I haven’t deleted any,) But serval phone carriers tell me I have used 0 minutes while I will be on the phone with them.
3rd. My phone has apps that shouldn’t be on my phone, with greyed out and fixed settings, listed as system settings.
4th- I am often locked out of my own storage saying I do not have access.
,,,7,th- I know my play store downloads older versions of apps

,7,th- My phone always has my location on thru system appz. So they’re on even if I turn them off.
6th- All of my apps have deceptive permissions hidden that :
– can change my network
– change my wifi
– delete my email text and calandar without permission
– I have the incorrect apns enabled.

I know that these issues involve
Whatever Android or Google gsm.
-custom os

So many more things.. I will share logs. But I am beat . I’ve continuously reported this to Google with no success. It’s having strong affect on my mental health HELP

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