Happy Birthday V20

LG V20
So it’s been what, 4 years since I traded in my LG G4 for my T-mobile branded V20 and this tank of a phone is still very much alive and kicking. Over the years its made the transition from Nougat to Oreo, survived a number of drops, and continues to be a testament to one of LG’s best devices back when they were risk takers and innovators. With its Quad DAC audio, unique camera/video array, IR remote control capabilities, useful 2nd screen, swappable battery and tough as nails aluminum body, the LG is the last of it’s kind and to me an icon. It has newer stablemates now in the form of an LG V40 and a Note 9 which have taken over the daily driver duties. But when I have a doctor’s appointment I dust "The Tank" off and it comes with me so that I can use that IR blaster to change the channels on the waiting room TV, something its more recent team members can not do. Here’s to the V20 where they truly don’t make them like that anymore.


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