Happy to have purchased the S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 & S7+
This is my third Samsung tablet. Note pro 12.2 and the tab s4 prior to this one. Got the keyboard cover of which I like a lot. The keyboard is a pleasure to use and the track pad works better than what I would have thought. The tab itself is nice and I wish the option with lte had more storage but the s7+ at 128 will work plus I stick in a 256 chip for movies and such. The screen is nice and with the added real estate I can enlarge all the text so my old eyes can read everything nicely. The lte reception is better than my s4 was. The speakers also seem louder too. All of my old apps work on this tab and that was a major concern due to my arduino programming that I did on the s4 would have been a deal breaker. The otg usb connection works also. Dex works well as it did in my s4. I don’t see when ill use the wireless feature but its nice the s7+ is packing it. I stuck a glass screen protector on before I powered it up. The worst thing about this tab isn’t with the tab but the keyboard cover does flex at the hinge so that might drive a ocd’er a little goofy if they can’t get over the movement.


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