Has anyone else lost their AT&T company discount by going to the 5G unlimited plan?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
We’ve had a 25% bill discount on our plan for years through the hospital my wife works at, not an unlimited plan, 30GB per month plus rollover. AT&T told me I can keep that plan with no 5G service that it can be discontinued at any time. That part I’m not sure is true, the whole grandfathered plan thing, they said you can use your existing plan with no 5G service or go to one of the 3 unlimited plans with 5G and give up our 25% monthly discount. So my $1,000 bill credit will probably be eaten up by the increased monthly service. AT&T is getting worse with the pricing, maybe they shouldn’t have blew all the money they did on lousy Direct TV.


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