Have a few newbe questions about smart tags.

Hello. I have some questions and I can’t get any datisfactory answer anywhere. Can you help?

I bought the regular S
l0amsung smart tag. I got it set up on my A51 + smart things app + Find app.

*Can I set smart things app to auto update the Smart Tag’s whereabouts?
For instance if you have a pet.

*Do all Samsung phone owners need to have Bluetooth/Wifi switched on all the time to help others in the Find network?

*If I do a scan for other people’s smart tags what will happen. Do the tags play a sound? I can’t test this myself. If I unregister my tag and scan it it probably wouldn’t do anything.

*How can I test the tag when Im on my own. It is registered to my phone. My phone sees it the tag is nearby. So when I take the tag and leave without my phone. Will it start tracking the tag autinatically?

*Does the smart things app only give the last known location. Or does it keep a history somewhere? Ive only seen the last location til now.

*Will magnets interfere with this bluetooth device? When placing on a motorcycle where here is lots of metal?

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