Have there been any major camera updates since release?

Thinking about trading in my s20 ultra for the Note 20 U. With the instant rebate and trade in, I can get the Note 20 ultra for 250 and 50 bucks in credit (get some more wireless charges i guess LOL)

Ive watched a couple side by sides comparisons from sakitech and super saf. They both say the S21 is slightly better but not huge, plus the Spen is self contained in the Note which I miss from my Note 10+. I never should haver switched to the S series. Samsung roped me in with the 100X zoom crap. Any improvements for macro shots or zoom over 5X since release?

Its either the Note 20 ultra for $250, or the S21 ultra for $300.

It doesn’t sound like any ground breaking upgrades to the upcoming S22 ultra so far. I’m not a gamer, and under display front selfie doesn’t do much for me. The camera may get 200MP main, but it will stay at 10X optical.

This will be a stop gap phone until samsung decides to come out with another Note or kill it off for good.

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