He has joined the dark side, hehehe…

My man had been on Apple ecosystem for years. As we moved away from the city and to areas with no WiFi, Apple products were frankly getting frustrating.
In September, more out of sheer rage at Apple than anything else, I got the Note 20 Ultra and I loved it so much I got the S7 5G tablet a couple months later.
… I’ve been bragging about the ease, speed and power and user friendliness of my new Samsung devices while he was waiting for his iPhone and iPad to load anything… And failing.

Well finally yesterday he couldn’t take it anymore, marched himself to Verizon and bought the Galaxy S21 Ultra.
And then ordered the S7 + tablet (not sure I’m saying this right, it’s the same as mine but the bigger one)
He’s picking it up next week.

The man is smitten.
He’s worse than me 🤣🤣🤣

And the most shocking of all:
I, self admitted tech moron with the broken brain, get to teach him how to set up and use his new phone.
I’m also showing him all the cool things he’ll get to do with his tablet.

And they say old ogres don’t learn new tricks 😜😁

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