Heart rate monitor without data going to cloud?

I need to monitor my heart rate both for real time feedback during a workout, and ideally for longer term analysis. Anything beyond that – workout routines, step counting, etc. is gravy. Nice gravy, but gravy.

As background, I’ve had the Polar H-10 and Garmin HRM-Pro recommended. My question then becomes the app they connect to.

Beyond accuracy, my key issue is privacy – I am ok syncing the device to my phone for review and analysis, but I do NOT want it to go further. I do not want my biomedical date stored on someone else’s computer (aka – "in the cloud"). I’m happy to pay for an app.

As background, my focus is on indoor exercises (aerobics, treadmills, exercise bikes and weight training), and I’m using a Pixel 4A with Android 12. Any recommendations or pointers would be appreciated.

TIA for your help – R.

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