HELP! LG phone screen flicker

I bought a 2ndhand phone which is LG X6 korean variant in a phone shop.

I love watching videos on facebook but i noticed that the screen is flickering whenever i watch videos. I get’s bigger whenever i watch for a long time. I tried watching on Netflix but It didn’t flicker at all even when i use my phone for browsing or etc.

The problem is this :

Q1 : will this issue lead to a bigger defects like LCD issues/ hardware issues?

Q2 : The shop agreed for a return & refund but I ordered many accessories online and it will become a waste. Thinking that if it is not a big deal maybe i will just let those flicker.

Q3 : They also offered me to give a partial refund because of the issues like 10% of the unit but i am worried that it will become defective after weeks or months .

What should i do?? Is the issue a threat? Hahaha

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