help: LG v50 or Xiaomi Redmi 9T

reposting since i did a bit more digging! completely crossed off the a12 but found another phone around the same price range as a used lg v50, which is the redmi 9t.

right now, the issues with redmi 9t are not too favorable, but people also said a lot of good stuff about it. v50 was very much recommended in my earlier post, but i’m a little reserved as it might not be future-proof. any thoughts before i make a final choice? any help is appreciated!

Relisting what I need from a phone:

– Phone will be used as a mobile hotspot, so a phone that has little to no overheating problems

– Occasional gaming use

– Good battery life

– Fast performance

– Really want it to last for more than 2 years if possible.


Location: Philippines

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