Help needed please – Phone app not showing “missed call” notifications on lockscreen and AOD

This isn’t very easy to describe, but I’ve noticed this "bug" for a while. I managed to workaround it by not updating the Phone app (as it appears the bug was introduced with the 24th Feb 2021 update for the Phone app). However, with the April (whole phone) software update, it’s forced the Phone app to also update to a newer version which has this bug.

I’d be grateful if someone could see if they can reproduce this bug as follows:
-Ensure you are using the built-in Samsung Phone app as default
-Ensure the version of your Phone app is at least "" (my current version is "")
-Ensure your phone is off charger
-Ensure your phone is in standby for at least 1 minute (and ensure it’s not being woken up during this period due to receiving messages or other notifications)
-Call the phone, and don’t pick-up. Once the phone is "ringing", you can hang up
-Observe that no missed call notification is shown on the AOD or the lockscreen – this is the bug
-Wake the phone and get to the homescreen – you’ll now see the missed call notification pop up at the top. If you put the phone back in standby, you’ll also now notice the notification on AOD and the lockscreen

I can reproduce this bug following a factory reset, and also in Safe mode. Therefore, I’m thinking this should be a universal bug, but I’m hoping at least one other person can reproduce this. I’ve tried searching in other forums/threads but no one seems to be reporting this. I’d have thought this would be extremely widespread and many would have noticed this by now, hence why I’m posting to ask. Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to reproduce this.

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