Help needed with Galaxy Tab A sm-t550 9.7″


I have been trying to troubleshoot/fix this tablet for weeks.

Here is the issue:

When plugged in, the screen flashes between black and samsung startup screen.

Unit will not power on at all, and only get screen data when plugged in. Cannot turn on or see anything if not plugged in.

Also, cannot boot to recovery mode, no matter what I have tried.

What I have done:

Replaced digitizer screen.
Replaced battery, and it seems to be 100% charged.
Replaced charging port assembly.

Nothing I have done has fixed the problem. Right now, the tablet is plugged in, and the screen was black. I pressed the power button, and got a 100% battery symbol, but then went black again.

If I press the power button again, I will get the samsung startup screen that flashes on and off in about a 3 second interval.

Also, I have removed the new battery, and put it back in. Also, did the best I could to visually make sure the ribbon cable for the digitizer is seated properly.

If it is not plugged in, I have NO response trying to do anything with the buttons. The unit simply does not respond.

Any/All suggestions helpful.

I also have odin, and have tried re-flashing the firmware. Odin reported successful, yet tablet is still functionless.

So, please help if you can.

Thank You,


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