Help Unlocking Retreiving Data From Huawei P20

Hi – wondering if anyone out there can think of a solutions to this…

So, my wife cracked her phone screen (Huawai P20) and bought a cheap phone to use short term while we worked out a replacement (Alcatel 1). When setting up the temporary phone, not all of the data from her P20 was install/copied, mainly because there’s not enough storage space to hold it all.

Some of the data left on the P20 is really important (downloaded documents/files and pevious whatsapp history), so I was going to hook it up to a PC and grab all the data from it, but the biggest problem is she can’t remember the unlock pattern. I know developer mode/USB debugging is not turned on, so I can’t even get a PC/ADB to recognise it, plus I’ve had to connect it to a mouse and monitor (via HDMI/USB adapter) to even view/control the unlock screen.

I’m pretty sure that without the pattern we have little or no options, but was wondering if anyone knew the answers to the following:

1. Is there any way to unlock the phone using the old PIN that was set (she’s confident she knows this)?

2. Is there a way to unlock using the finger print sensor (even though is says ‘pattern required due to restart’)

3. Should ADB list it as a device even though USB debigging is turned off and the phone is screen locked (currently does not list it, but I thought you could PIN unlock via ADB)

4. Does anyone know any other tools/options for accessiing the files on the phone.

Thanks is advance for any help!

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