Hidden alarm going off 7am everyday???

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I just got this Galaxy s20 last week and transferred my OnePlus 6T data to it, I did have another alarm app called Alarmy but I’ve uninstalled that to see if it was the issue and it wasn’t.
Everyday at 7am an alarm goes off but there’s no notification and no way to stop it, so I have to restart my phone. After I’ve restarted theres no notification log from any apps at the time that the alarm went off so not sure where its coming from?! Even in silent mode it still rings and the only way I can stop it is to switch my phone off. I checked Alarmy before I uninstalled and had no alarms set at the time, no reminders on my calendar and no currently set alarms. I don’t think I’ve even ever set one for 7am! Any advice would be really appreciated


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