“Hiding” the ASSIST MENU on S9

I read many of the comments on the need to ‘Hide" the Assist Menu when you want to activate the ‘Single Tap to Swipe’ Option.
Used to be able to ‘Hide’ this menu, after the current update, No longer can do this!!!!
So, I called the Samsung Tech Line and went over the issue with a Tech guy.
He put me ‘On Hold’ for a while so I assume he could check with his group about the issue.

The ‘Single Tap’ is ‘Connected’ to the ‘Assist Menu’ and you can’t have one without the other.
Just what we all knew.
This was the result of a recent update.

Moving forward……
This will be brought to the attention to the Software Management and I should look forward to a "fix" in the next update.

So, as expected, we wait for the next update and see what happens…………..

Enjoy your day.

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