Higher end phone

I currently have a Pixel 2XL, which I really like. But I think it may be time to get a new phone. I’m trying to decide what to get, or if I should try to push it off a while, because I do NOT want to get a phone that I’m only going to keep for a year.

My MUST haves:
Water and dust resistance
3 years of updates
=> 5.8 screen
=>400 PPI screen
90 or 120 HZ screen
Good photography
A day of moderate use on battery

Really preferred
865 processor
Non in screen finger print reader
Flat screen – The curved edges is one of the things I didn’t like about my Pixel 2XL
Stock Android or something close to it

Other things:

The only foldable that looks appealing to me is the MS Surface Duo, but it doesn’t have 5G and in many ways it seems to be living up to MS’s habit of needing to get to V3 to be really good. So I’m not going to consider the current version.

I’m not a Samsung fan, but they do really nice screens. I’m also attracted to the S-Pen that’s now available for the S21 Ultra. Is that nuts?

Any thoughts?

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