Home WiFi not showing in list of available networks in aeroplane mode with WiFi on

I recently had a hardware repair (power button had fallen off, so it was replaced) done on my Motorola Moto E5 running Android 8. A factory reset was performed by the repair shop, and, after getting my phone back, I noticed that manually turning on WiFi when in aeroplane mode doesn’t work. Namely my home WiFi does not even show up in the list of available networks on my phone. The phone connects to the WiFi as soon as I switch off aeroplane mode. This was not an issue before sending my phone for repairs, and is also not an issue on my laptop in flight mode. So I am assuming it is an Android problem. I have already done the "forget network", switch phone off and on again several times, but this hasn’t solved it. Searching the interwebs for a solution has thus far yielded no results. Can anyone please help?

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