How can I access my file/get my photos back?

Recently Google Photos prompted me to ‘clear up space on my phone’ on my LG Stylo 4, which I accidentally agreed to. It didn’t ask of I was sure (stupid design on their part tbh), and just instantly deleted 200+ photos from my camera roll. They WERE saved on the google photos website, so I went there, selected them all, and pressed ‘download.’ Only.. now they’re gone. Not on the website. Not in my gallery. Not in my downloads folder. All I have is some random file (the only reason I know I have it is because I have an app that saves my notifications, so I could go back and view the download notification with the file name), but when I search for that file in my file manager, nothing shows up.

I tried downloading a single photo after that, and it went straight to my downloads folder/to my gallery. But the rest/the collective group of photos that I downloaded, still aren’t there.

So I’m left with none of my photos and a mystery file that I can’t seem to access. Is there any way for me to get to this file and save my images, or are they all just gone forever now?

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