How can I fix random internal storage corruption (not full)?

Good morning,

I have a Samsung A51 (SM-A515F) with Android 11. I have the original Samsung ROM and never changed it.

I have experienced troubles for a couple of weeks : my phone started to freeze and reboot by itself. Sometimes, it was even blocking on "Samsung A51" boot logo (there are 2 boot logo : Samsuns A51 and then Samsung only). I had then to keep pressing "ON" + "volume low" to force restart and it worked. Then after sometimes (couple of minutes or hours) it freezes again and rebooted.

What I did so far :

– shut down wifi : did not solve the problem
– shut down data (4g) : did not solve the problem
– airplane mode : did not solve the problem
– hard reset to wipe out all datas and apps : did not solve the problem even without any applications

At first I though there was a corruption with whatsapp Database or files since it often struggled to synchronize it (daily at 2 am).

Actually even without whatsapp installed, the freezes/reboots occured.

The only way to have a normal usage without reboots is to start in safe mode. then it seems to work.

I suspect that the internal memory is corrupted and when the phone accesses some part of it (reading or writing), it freezes. Am I right ? What other origin could be possible ?

I notice that taking pictures or videos often freezes the phone (the picture is then not obviously not accessible).

How could I solve it ? what do you suggest to try ?

It really annoys me because sometimes it reboots 5 or 10 times in a row since it blocks even when I enter the Sim Code….

Thanks a lot for your help and suggestions.


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