How can I root Samsung J510FN? +photo recovery?

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I have Samsung (2016) 7.1.1, PDA: J510FNXXS3BSI5 CSC: J510FNVFR3BSH1.

How can I root it? And is it possible to root it without wiping the cache? I made a post yesterday, but I’ll register later as now I have to run, but if wifi doesn’t work on my phone, and I want to recover some lost photos, should I first root it and then try Diskdigger, if the root would for some reason enable wifi, or should I reflash the ROM and then use DG, or first factory wipe and then try Diskdigger (without flashing)? Which of these three is probably going to have the highest chances of findind the photos, since they all rewrite data? Thank you!

ON that note, I haven’t been able to register at Sammobile, so I have no idea where else to look for this particular ROM.


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