How can i run the setupwizard on Android 7 without factory reset

Hello I had a Lenovo k6 note that came on default with an Android 6 and at some point I got the setup wizard bug which the phone would disable these stuff that are disabled when the setup wizard is running
1- notification bar won’t get pulled+ no notifications are showing
2- recent and home buttons don’t work
3- developer options won’t appear after tapping the build number 7 times
4- can’t switch to guest user
5- can’t access my clipboard on Gboard
And many other stuff that are disabled when setup wizard is running when a phone is being setup
There was a solution with the Nova launcher where I can open the setupwizard through widgets

The solution worked perfectly

However a few months later I updated my phone to android 7

And while I was playing my phone overheated and rebooted itself

And then when it opened
The bug happened again

But with Android 7
The Nova launcher solution won’t work
And I can’t open the setupwizard through adb because I can’t access the developer options

Any solutions?

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