How can I stop my Huawei Honor 7S from constantly restarting?

To whom it may concern,

My phone is constantly restarting itself over and over again every minute or two and it is slowly driving me insane. I own a Huawei Honor 7S, which i recently exchanged for another device of the same model (A 7S for a 7S). The reason I did this is because I originally thought it was a hardware issue, having factory reset my phone in order to try and fix the problem and the restarting continue to occur. On getting my new phone and trying to set it up, I was horrified to discover the same issue occurring again and, distraught, decided to reach out. If it is a software issue, it must be with either an app or a file that I interact with a lot (e.g Facebook, Instagram etc) because I have deleted all apps that I feel are untrustworthy and as this is a new phone I do not have any files saved away that might be corrupted and cause this. I am more than a little confused as to why this issue continues to occur and I feel as though I have done everything possible to fix it. Do you have any idea of what might be causing it? (I have also updated the system software and the software of all third-party apps I currently use). Deleting all the third party apps may be a solution but this surely defeats the point of using my phone and I would like to be able to use them without my phone crashing and restarting. And those apps of course might not be the cause of the issue either. Please help me.

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PS Third party apps I use: Facebook, Instagram, Apple Music, Whatsapp, Zoom.

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