How do I get a good battery life in Samsung Galaxy A71? When to go for returning it?

I had bought a Samsung Galaxy A71.Samsung has been known for battery drains and heating issue on this one.

(Samsung takes 1 week to learn my usage pattern)

After 1 week, I still see a good battery drain. Light usage: 1-3% every min which is 10% every hour.Standby drain is now 2% overnight. All apps are in deep sleep, All scanning service,GPS, wifi turned off. I also see heating issue if I charge or restart the phone multiple times in a row.
My SOT is around 9hrs with very light usage on this 4500mAh battery, if I really start using the Phone,it will last barely less than a day with heating.

What shall I try? Shall I return? Other A71 users get surely better performances!

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