How do I get this stupid website to properly redact my old username everywhere?

A few years ago I deleted my old account on android central to stop my username showing up on the one single question I asked. Now this stupid website was supposed to redact that username from everywhere on this site which it did a crummy job of. The username on that post has been changed to ‘Anon…’ but the actual username still shows up attached to the question in suggestions, search results and everywhere else on the forum. As a result search results on every search engine for my name (which was the username) are flooded with pages where my post shows up as a ‘suggested’ post or search result on this slight. And of course this site doesn’t offer a straight forward way of contacting support, so what’s the best way to get to the support team and/or file a legal request to redact the username properly as per their own terms of service.

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