How do i re – pair an unpaired bluetooth mouse

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i few days ago i bought logitech mx master 2s. As soon as i connected the usb dongle to my pc and powered on the mouse, it connected (at spot 1). I then changed to spot 2, held down pairing button till it started blinking fast, and connected it to my note 10 – no problems.
Today i tried powering the mouse but it did not connect to my pc. Instead, at spot 1 it auto – connected to my note 10. I couldn’t get it to auto connect to my pc (i did NOT have ‘logitech options’ software to my pc), so i did the stupid thing to unpair it from my note 10 in case that was the problem. That did not fix it. I downloaded the logitech options and it then paired fine, but now it won’t pair to my note 10 again. To be more precise it won’t be found at scanning and it’s not in my connected devices list (i unpaired and forgot device).
– I found bluetooth (system) app from settings and cleared cache and data – didn’t work
-i did a reset connection data (wifi + bluetooth) from settings menu, it reset all my wifi and bluetooth connections but still didn’t work.
– i tried to pair the mouse with my old s6 just to be 100% that i’m pairing correctly, and it was found and paired no problem
– i tried booting note 10 in safe mode – nothing.
-i tried changing the pairing spots (ie, 1,2 and 3 on the mouse) to try the same pairing process on all spots, nothing.

To make it more clear and sum up, after unpairing, my mx master 2s mouse cannot be found in bluetooth scanning from my note 10, while it is found by other devices (s6 and re-paired with pc) and my note 10 is also able to pair with other bt devices (that were forgotten due to the resets).

Any help please?
Thank you


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