How do I set current location for Weather-at-a-glance?

On a recent trip, I noticed that the displayed Weather-at-a-glance temperature was markedly warmer than realty would have reflected. Took a closer look and it was showing the "back home" temperature, versus my current location. After a lot of futzing, I discovered that tapping the displayed temperature (seemingly) allowed me to change to the current location. Great.

Midway on the trip home, I tapped the temperature again, and the displayed WAAG temp began to reflect that location. Great.

But then when I got home, the tap the temperature "trick" wouldn’t change the reflected WAAG location. After about 45 minutes of trying and researching, all of a sudden it worked as it should have.

What’s the "right every time" way to have WAAG reflect where I am, versus some fixed point?

BTW, even restarting the phone wouldn’t fix this when the problem was happening. And the two times I had the problem, I was on wifi, switched to data and that didn’t fix anything, went back to wifi, struggled, and it eventually got set. The "midway home" time I describe above, I was on data, not wifi, and it changed correctly immediately.

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