How do I stop this auto-update MADNESS!!!

I really hate this. I am working. I have to make many phone calls and work using my phone. My Android phone is set to only update with WI-FI, so it threatens that it will begin to update- since I am working and it is critical I abstain until the following week that is more convenient. One, or two days later the phone overrides my command and updates while not connected WI-FI when I am working and every minute is critical.

I am tempted to tell all of my friends, co workers, and future phone purchasers to not use Android for work, because it wants to be a Master when I need it to be my servant. I am beyond upset right now.

Finally, I turned off auto app updates on Google Play and through Developer options, but it still insisted that I obey it and I am currently waiting for the update to finish to use my phone.

This is not an acceptable default position for a phone that is critical for a work experience. I could only imagine the grief that I would be feeling if I was picking up my daughter and using maps, or corresponding with a friend in trouble. This should not be this way.

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