How does Best Buy trade-in work now?

So, with the S22 coming out at either the end of December (what’s been talked about on Twitter) or January, how does the Best Buy trade in program work now? I haven’t traded a phone since the Note 10+ came out. I’ve heard they don’t trade in your phone at the store now. They give you something to send it to Verizon (my carrier). I’m getting differing answers. Does anyone know if you do an upgrade for a new phone, say when the S22 Ultra comes out at Best Buy and still keep your plan without upgrading? I know Verizon always wants you to upgrade to their 5G plan. The thing is, I still have grandfathered unlimited data and I don’t want to lose that. What I did before was trade in my old phone at Best Buy, get the new one for around $650 or so and then use my Best Buy card to pay that and then make monthly payments to pay off the phone with a 2-year interest free. They don’t do that anymore, right? If not and they send it in and it gets credited to my bill cycle every month, how do I keep the plan I’m on without switching to 5G? Or do you have to buy it outright and not get any discounts or trade-in options? Anyone know?

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