How good is DeX with Microsoft Office? ( Looking to dump apple )

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Hello everyone,

I am currently over in the iPhone camp but I am looking to make a switch and ditch everything apple, this includes my macbook air. My main question is how well does does dex work at replacing a pc for using office apps. I don’t do anything wildly crazy with office other than some excel sheets, word documents, and one note. The spread sheets aren’t massive or have a lot of different custom formulas, they are use to track data of clients and nothing else.

I am familiar with android, in the past switched between the 2 often. With my latest job I have been exclusively using the iPhone for the last 2-3 years. I miss android and everything about it and want to make a switch back. I was always hesitant due to everyone I communicate with having an iPhone. The accountability of using imessage with delivery and read receipts is really hard to give up. I was reading about read receipts on android recently and totally forgot that you can turn on delivery receipts from the carrier in sms. Now that I can get a receipt saying that the message was delivered, I really don’t have to worry about it so much on android. In the united states you are at the mercy of the network when it comes to sms.

I have really been looking at the Note 20 Ultra and I feel that if dex works well with Microsoft office. I have no need to worry about lugging a computer around for work. With Microsoft partnering with Samsung I feel I will get a very similar experience to apple devices working well together.

If anyone has another tips for making a switch to the note from iPhone those would be appreciated. The last Samsung device I had was the Galaxy S8 +. I am sure there has been some changes to the UI and how well they work, the last note I ever used was the note 5. I have experience with Samsung, its just been a while.


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