How I got a free Note 20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Hello everyone – I wanted to share what just happened to me. Maybe this can work for someone as well.

So I was considering getting the Note 20 Ultra 5G in black with my cell phone provider.

My plan had all apple devices. I have had Samsung in the past so it wouldn’t be anything for me to switch.

I decided that I was going to terminate my cellular service to my Apple Watch, iPad and de-activate my e-sim line on my iPhone, so I called the loyalty department.

When the rep got on the phone I told her that I was calling to cancel 3 lines of service, and she of course asked why I told her I just didn’t need them anymore. I told her I was considering upgrading a line to get the galaxy note ultra but I just wasn’t sure because with my plan there were no deals * I refuse to switch to an unlimited data plan.

None the less she puts me on hold to see what she can come up with. She kept saying S20 and i said no, I am interested in the note 20 Ultra.

She comes back on the phone and she asks me if i am sitting down and I tell her that I am. She told me that she can get me the note 20 Ultra 5G at no cost. I ask her what the catch was, she told me that there was no catch and that the phone would be under a 2 year agreement. So I was okay with this and she placed the order at no cost under my e-sim number, she then proceeded to terminate the cellular service to my iPad and Apple Watch.

After the call I did some research and I learned that my provider will sometimes offer subsidized pricing on devices but the access fee increases by 25 dollars for that line if it is under a 2 year agreement. I was not told this and i actually called in to confirm and the rep told me that this was the case and asked me if i wanted to cancel the order. I told her that I wanted to proceed with cancellation. This all took place within 1 hour of time. In this time my order went from processing to preparing to ship. The new rep told me that she could no longer cancel the order in the current stage and that she was going to submit a ticket for cancellation. Once she created the ticket she told me that I may want to re-consider cancelling because the 2 year agreement on the device had been removed and that the e-sim line that the order was placed under was not under a 2 year contract. This rep then got someone from loyalty on the line to join us and he confirmed this information. I then decided to keep the order.

Today I got the phone in the mail and called the company to terminate my e-sim line.


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