How is the S21?

So despite all the negativity surrounding the S21 series… I am going to take a shot in the dark and ordered the 256 GB model of the regular S21 since currently Samsung has the device which the larger amount of storage as the same price as the 128.

I would normally prefer the larger sized device, but being that the device is 6.2 inches, that’s already fairly large. I am used to 6.4 inch sized phones now and larger. the S21+ is 1000 currently for the just the 128. No thanks. Having a flat screen like this device has would be definitely welcomed. I am so tired of curved screen devices.

I was also able to get a free 25 watt fast charger at the time of purchase. I don’t necessarily need the headphone jack now as I have an AUX to USB type C cable in my car for music and it works fine. Kind of hard to find them though.

Other then that, how does this device perform? The price was around 850 after checkout.

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