How Much RAM Does a Smartphone Needs

The standard RAM of Android phones has increased through
the years since modern devices keep on acquiring new features
and more apps become available. For instance, many smartphones
back in 2019 had 4GB RAM but this year, 6 and 8GB or more is the norm.

With these, you might be wondering how much RAM does a smartphone really
requires. The answer depends on your device usage. To provide a concrete
answer, 4GB is decent to run a smartphone’s system and few essential apps
while 6 or 8GB RAM on mid-to-high-end devices are enough for smooth device
performance and plenty of apps, including graphics-intensive games and heavy programs.

Why is there a need for more RAM? If you know how to
upgrade the RAM of your Android phone, you can have free space,
more apps running at once, and a faster or snappier device.
This know-how is perfect for multitaskers. Also, if you own a
smartphone with 6GB or less RAM, it can be boosted to keep up
with what some of the latest devices can handle.

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