How to Check Old Messages on Wear OS

Just purchased a Michael Kors Access watch which uses the Google Wear OS and am having problems checking old sms messages on it. I get notifications of when I receive messages, and I can also reply to them, as well as send messages under the "Contacts" app, but I cannot check past messages.

I tried downloading the "Messages" app by Wear OS, which lets me view old messages, but it does not download all past messages (most recent ones are not even showing up). It also changes my default phone messages app which I don’t really want to change up. I don’t want to have to use another app JUST to check past messages on my new smartwatch.

So WHY can I not view past messages on this thing? It makes no sense that I can view notifications only, text message anyone, but can’t just scroll through old messages from my standard Android messaging app.


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