How to disable or change the two-step verification on my Samsung Account?

As of 17 May, I currently have difficulties accessing my account as my old number is been deactivated by the mobile service provider that I previously use. I’m currently using my new number.

When I login my account the password is accepted, but during the two-step verification, it sends the code to my old number which ends in 57. That number that ends in 57 has been deactivated because I switched to another mobile provider and have already moved to another country in October 2020. Currently, my new number ends at 04. Even when I try to factory reset everything, the system demands me to login my Samsung Account first (using two-step Verification) before resetting. This is the problem I’m facing right now.

Update: I just contacted Samsung Customer Care which is available on the Samsung Account website. The responded by asking me all the details then forwarded them to the department in charge. I have been waiting for a reply since 18 May of this year. While waiting for the case to be handled from the respective department, my friend who also use a Samsung smartphone told me that I can change my phone number online. I followed the instructions according to him – but its surprising that there is no matching information that I entered on the website.

There are no other alternatives, expect for this issue that I’m facing. I hope this gets resolved ASAP.

In your opinion, is contacting Samsung Customer support the best way to fix my account problem? And how long would it take for such case to be handled? I would like your answer about it.

Thank you.

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