How to disable the “Data roaming is turned off” notification?

I am in the US and have a Moto G 5G Plus (model XT2075-3) with a Mint Mobile SIM for the US and a Tesco Mobile SIM for the UK. I have installed the offered updates so it runs Android 11, I think it last said with updates up to this month. In Settings -> Network & internet -> T-Mobile (and -> TESCO) I have "Connect to data services while roaming" turned off, for both SIMs, which is how I want it.

Phone Services keeps notifying me, "Data roaming is turned off. If you turn it on, international charges may apply according to the rates in your plan." I know, that’s why I turned it off! I get this notification a few times a day, most recently it woke me at 4am this morning to tell me this. Of course, as I am presently in the US, while the T-Mobile SIM for Mint in the US is not roaming, the TESCO one for the UK is always roaming.

I’ve tried to turn off this notification. E.g., if I go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> search for Phone Services -> Notifications -> then I turn off everything it will let me, which is only a minority of the shown options. How can I get this phone to stop notifying me about how data roaming is turned off?

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