How to ensure malware free after downloading a suspect app

Hello to everyone. Trying to cut a long-ish story short.

My brother gave me a new Samsung Galaxy to use as the iPad that I previously used for personal things like banking, shopping had given up.

I downloaded an app called ‘Universal Credit’ from the Google Play store. At this point, the Google Play Protect setting was not activated. The app looks like it is an official one and being new to Android I had no suspicions.

However, when I opened it there was a TikTok advert and a link to click what looked like it might have been a Google Play tab but written in an alphabet I didn’t recognise, and it was apparent that it had nothing to do with the Department for Social Security so I deleted it.

I can find no information for the app developer other than a gmail address.

The software on the phone is up-to-date to August 2021 if that makes any difference. I activated the device in a cellular manner as I have no WiFi access other than public use networks.

I am in a bit of a health crisis at the moment and really could do with a device to enable me to run my affairs from home, what can I do to rid it of any malware that may have infected it?

Thanks for reading!

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