How to fix system file storage expanding out of control?

I have a oneplus 9. Bought new, only used for 6 months. Carrier is Tmobile. Havent had problems until a week ago when I got the ‘storage full’ notification. Honestly was surprised because its 128gb phone and I dont do much on it. I deleted some photos and apps and cleared out 2 gb of storage only to have it fill up next morning when i didnt do anything.

I noticed when i click Storage in settings, the System is 47GB (Constantly Up significantly. Up 2GB in last 2 hours while i was watching TV) and it’s eating up all the space.

At the same time, I connected my phone to computer via USB, and it says total space is 102 GB (not 128 for some reason) and when i ran CCleaner app, it also showed 102 GB.

How do I find out what is causing this and why is my computer showing only 102gb when the phone is 128gb, and are these two problems related? The phone is becoming more and more unusable and i rely it a lot for work (calls/text)

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