How to fix Touch Screen Ulefone Armor 3T

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Since 3 day ago, my Ulefone Armor 3T has not been working because of the touch screen. I just tried everything. Sometimes it works by doing a reset factory, but at the moment I insert the SD Card the touch screen fails again. Right now I can’t do anything. One time just the touch screen comes again and ASAP I erase the SD card from memory, but the touch screen doesn’t work again. The factory reset pressing power button and Volume UP button pressing by 2 seconds in the start, until the screen appears, is not working. It shows some android robot fallen and some label talling: "No command". I know the problem is software. I already checked inside. All the components and connectors are good. Question. Have you made some updates to these phones in the firmware?. May you tell me what to do?. If you have the same problem how to solve it?.


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