How to get Samsung Galaxy S10 email to access imap folders

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I bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 in early August and used Smart Switch to upgrade things from my S7 to my S10.

On my S7, I can see all of my folders on our company imap email server – and there are hundreds of them – but I’ve only been able to see about 10 on my S10.

I decided to get serious about resolving this problem so, yesterday, installed the BlueMail email system and, in there, could see all of my imap folders.

I then removed my email account from the native samsung email app and then created it again and only the same ~10 folders showed up.

I just went onto Samsung support and chatted with somebody who then had a look at my phone under remote control. This person tried to tell me that I needed to create all of my folders individually on my S10 using the samsung email.

This was ridiculous and I tried to show this person how I didn’t need to do this with BlueMail but they they said I needed to contact BlueMail support.

They also said I should take my phone to a Samsung service center.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem>


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