How to move music from iMac to A51?

I just got a new A51, and am puzzling how to download music from my iMac. My previous phone was a Blackberry Priv, and while I was able to transfer some data from the Priv to the A51, no music was transferred. So I am forced to transfer from my iMac.

With the Priv, I used Android File Transfer to move music. But when I try to use File Transfer with the A51, the phone is not recognized by my computer.

I did unlock Developer Options, but there is no Media Transfer Protocol option there as I had on my Priv, so I left the USB configuration at Transferring Files. But still no connection using File Transfer.

I tried Smart Switch, but all it allows me to do is move my Contacts from my Mac to the phone, which isn’t much help.

Help! I have exhausted my meager knowledge and have no idea where to go next. Even the YouTube videos I have found do not help.

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