How to open images/files directly when downloaded from Facebook

Groups on Facebook uses "files" to share documents in posts. That being images, PDF and docs.

In the Facebook app for Android, it used to be so that if you touched it, it would download and open the file with the proper app for showing the content. It still works like that on iPhone and Windows.

But in the android Facebook app, now if you touch a file, it will:
1. Download using something that looks like a Facebook dowbloader
2. Pop up in the Notification bar
3. You have to swipe down on the notification bar and find the downloaded file
4. Touch it and then it will open in the correct app

So the question is, does anybody have an idea on how to get back to the original way of doing it and the way it still works on iPhone?

Bonus info – once you touch the file and it opens it is gone from the navigation bar and if you want to see it again, you have to do it all over from the Facebook app. I guess this is because, it downloads them as temp files.

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