How to remove old saved payment cards

Hi, got a new bank card issued to me today, so… first …using Chrome on my windows PC, I logged in to my Google account and went to Google Pay, and deleted some old cards no longer used/expired. only the correct 3 cards are now listed.

(I also did same in my Amazon, Paypal, accounts).

When I log in to Google Pay on my Smartphone (Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro running Android 20, MIUI 12), I see 2 of them only, this makes sense because 1 of the 3 is with an old old bank that does not support Google Pay, contattless or any such technologoes, but I do use it on line shopping, so Google on my desk top seems to remember it, that’s OK

What is not is OK, is that when I open Chrome on my phone, and the open Chrome Settings and go to Payment Methods, I see a whole LOAD of cards no longer used which are saved, all are shown as "from Google Pay", so this list is not syncing with the short list of 3 in my Google Pay profile

Back to my desktop windows PC for a moment, opening to Chrome, going to Chrome settings and checking payment methods, still shows the correct 3 cards, as does Google Pay so why is Chrome on my phone not syncing

I have checked both are signed in to the same account and that sync is on, and as mentioned Google Pay on my phone is indeed syncing its list of cards,

How do I force resync of the list of payment methods saved in Chrome when viewed from my phone

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