How to replace SD card (formatted as internal) with bigger one?

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Hello all!

I have a 16 GB extension micro SD card in my Nokia 6.1, formatted as Internal, extending built-in internal memory from 16 to 32 GBytes. Android version is 10.

Now it is too small and I’d like to add a bigger SD card. (Remove 16 GB, and add 32 GB.)

How can I do that?

I worry that if I simply remove the SD card (as part of the Internal area), the whole phone will simply fail. (Will it not?)

(It has apps & photos, who knows. Does not even show exactly what.)

I can’t see any menu for managing extension cards! (Like, there is no Settings / Devices or similar.) (I expected a menu for moving files between storages, or ejecting card storage.)

If I remove files and apps to below 16 GByte, I still do not know if everything is surely in built-in factory storage, or also on the extension card. So the phone might still fail if I remove it. Am I right?

Thank you!


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